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Hey everyone, This is the last time I'll be posting for "Maniak Gaming".

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Hey everyone,This is the last time I'll be posting for "Maniak Gaming".It's been a crazy ride these past 4 almost 5 years, but I think it's time I put this behind me and begin something new.I started Maniak Gaming when I was about 15 or 16 as just a community. I always wanted to just give people something that they would enjoy. I wanted to have a community that people would get home from work or school and just hop on the computer and be able to play games with people from around the world that they considered friends. To give people a little extra while playing games. I was always close with all of the regulars on my servers I enjoyed having that communication always open. I then began having so many dreams for it and it just got out of control. I began developing games and thought it would be a good idea to go from gaming community to game developer as well all under the same name. And I even released a game that was a disaster, as a kid I didn't know what I was getting into, I was very unprepared for everything. I continued to learn how to develop but since I had a game development company going I felt that I had to be developing another game. So I rushed into it again, that was quickly shot down and I realized I was unprepared again. Everything is beginning to fall apart and rather than try to put all the pieces back together I'm deciding to pull the plug on Maniak Gaming. This way I can just focus on learning more about game development and be ready when I decide to start anything up again. I have a lot of learning to do and I have to figure my life out. This started as a fun little community when I was just a kid and I'd like to leave it at that. Put it all behind me and just be able to learn from this experience, I've put almost 5 years of my life into this, I just need time to myself maybe and just have a chance at a fresh start.I've put about 5 years of my life into this and It's a bitter sweet thing to finally decide to end it. Although this is the end for Maniak Gaming, this is not the end for me or my love of gaming. I have big plans for the future and they will begin to unfold when I am ready. This is to a new start for me, another chance to realize what I did wrong and how I can bounce back and get back into the gaming scene. When I'm ready of course, gaming is my passion, I will never give up my dreams, this is only a small roadblock in this game we call life. Thank you for everyone who has been a part of this in the past or present. This is Goodbye.Sincerely,George Yockachonis jr.Founder of Maniak Gaming(Maniak Gaming April 2009 - September 2014)


Kinda dramatic.

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