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This is EVE (5-19-2009) provides a status update on the condition of EVE.

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It has been a while since t3 and other notable features were added to EVE. This will provide an evaluation of the new features and how they are relating to EVE today.


  • Stealth Bombers have gotten the fix they deserve. Ever since the missile nerf, they have had the role of paper-thin frigate whipping boy. They were only effective if the frigate was holding completely still. Now they are re factored to be anti battleship, which makes more sense and makes it a ship worth flying.
  • T3 Is not a widely used ship yet. Why is this good? Well, they are a sort of game breaker of a ship. They are extremely expensive in both SP and ISK, and they are a massive risk to fly. They do not deliver substantially more to warrant this apparently, or more people would have them. People's wallets are safe for another day.
  • Wormholes are still considered fun by most who do them. The sleeper AI has been widely accepted to be harder than PVP to beat. The sleepers ability to switch targets and their full EWAR suite makes them devastating opponents. Combine that with their advanced non-acquirable weapons, you have something it takes a dominix RR gang to break.
  • CCP's fix of their "fixed" cargo hold indicator makes it not completely ugly.
  • Apocrypha's awesome effects have pushed EVE to a new level that hopefully will be surpassed again.
  • The new character creator makes entering the game easier.
  • Ability to reallocate attributes.


  • People continue to complain of getting trapped inside wormhole space.
  • Removing classic content has stranded some computers from playing, but we all knew this was going to happen.


  • There seems to be a vista 32-bit issue where DEP prevents EVE from functioning properly causing random crashes. Turning off DEP for EVE helps.
  • The Pod exhaust trails look bad because they hit the screen and you can see the 6 planes used to render it.
  • For more experienced players, the new character maker has been reduced. You can no longer preview the skills acquired from a combination and you can no longer manually place your attributes at creation.

All in all, EVE is doing great. Feel free to comment.

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