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Latest news of New Reality Studios upcoming first person shooter is far from dead as development continues. Obelisk Arena will be unlike any video game in development today as almost every action packed shooter titles that people hear and see are Call of Duty, Titanfall, Destiny and Killzone while many other are being thrown out the light.

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What Obelisk Arena has that many games today have is a complete retro shooter feel in high detailed world. That's right, there are no level ups, now score/kill streaks, no customizable weapons but this does not mean that it will make the game bad as it compensates with the use of 10 different weapons each with their own unique firing modes, large number of characters to choose from, large number of arenas each with their own layouts and styles as well as ranging from indoor close quarter battle to open ground. a variety of game modes for each arena.

There will be multiplayer support and AI support, the total player count for online and offline action is 2-32 players and there is confirmationthat Obelisk Arena will have user mod support, why end the fun with the package you're given when you will be able to create your ownweapons, your own levels, your own characters and more? No other shooter game of these upcoming years will be so easy to modify tothe gamer's extent, however do look out for memory size of course.

What this news report is to inform people about are the game modes that will exist in this game:

.Deathmatch: The classic Free-For-All kill or be killed action, standard settings will be first to get 100 kills within 20 minutes wins the game.

.Team Deathmatch: Basically a Deathmatch but with 2 teams slaughtering each other to win.

.Capture The Flag: You cannot have a shooter without CTF, Capture the flag has become an icon for shooters everywhere, capture the enemy's flag whilst protecting yours to gain a score to win.

.Survival: Unlike other shooters where survival is where you only have the one life. This survival will be like the call of Duty's Zombies mode.All players are on one team with one life each and have to survive unlimited number of waves of terrifying and deadly aliens species called the Kae that are a monstrous looking being that live in a tribal system that has a king.

.Assault: Assault is a objective based game mode where two teams; attackers and defender are given tasks to accomplish, attackers will mostly find themselves fighting to breach a fortress or a facility whilst the defenders have to defend these infrastructures, Assault will feature Dynamic levels.

.Lastly there is Domination: Domination is not the game mode you know from other games, players will find themselves in huge dynamic arenas where there are a number of controls (no more than 6) scattered, the rules of Domination is to take your team's capture flag to a control point and place it, then you must maintain that point and prevent the enemy's flag handler taking it from you, the goal is to capture all 6 points in order to gain access to the enemy's domination beacon at their base and destroy is by putting your flag on the beacon control directly on top to win.

Obelisk Arena will be a shooter unlike anything seen today and will have glorifying action and bloody battles. A true gladiator bloodsport of the future.

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