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Third week of alpha test is behind us. Here's the info on what we've changed and improved on

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Soulblight ALPHA Week3

Third week of alpha test is behind us. So far everything seems to be going well. Besides clearing out few minor bugs we've added new combat action - dash. It's effectiveness scales down with the amount of armor your character is wearing. This allowed us better differentiate play style of heavily and lightly equipped characters. Here is how it can be used in combat

Soulblight Gif Game15

Thanks to our testers we've been also able to better evaluate the difficulty of our game. It seems our complex mechanics tend to confuse players at the beginning. To smoothen the difficulty curve without lowering it all along we've decided to create a short introductory level. We didn't want to interrupt first few minutes of gameplay with cut scenes to explain mechanic. That's why we went with tips engraved on the level's ground.

Soulblight Gif Game16

Don't worry introductory level doesn't also mean you will have to play it over and over again with every death. It will launch only when you play the game for the first time.

Soulblight Alpha Tests 1280

That's all for today Folks :) Remember if you're interested in joining our alpha tests you can sign up at our home page:

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