Some realistic ballistics here. Like in ArmA. But better. Much better.

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1) The bullet has some speed and is never travels like a laser. Some bullets have really good traveling speed, which makes them useful at long ranges (like AR1 bullet, which travels at a speed of 900 m/s), some others - well, don't bring them into long range combat (Pistol bullet - 300 m/s).
2) With the loss of its speed in a process of flying (percentage is calculated with its mass and ballistic shape factor), the bullet loses its damage in a polynomial growth with a base exponent of 1.5-1.9, depending on a bullet. The damage decrease from speed loss is applied *before* the decrease from armor, so the bullet also loses armor-piercing power, not directly, but still. When in water, bullet loses its speed *much* more faster.
3) Bullets can penetrate objects and lose speed in process. Better to use more powerful and sharp ones for this objective.
4) Bullets can ricochet, the chance of it is calculated with some fancy math, but in short is determined by the bullet's ricochet factor, its speed, the material of object struck and the angle. If the angle is completely right, chance is 0%. Theoretically they can ricochet off the NPCs. Also, ricocheted bullets lose some speed and they have a really cool tracer.
5) Bullets are fired directly from the gun's muzzle, not from the center of your screen. When in cover, you can actually shoot wall in front of you if you're not sighting.

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