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Our first offical developer diary is here, and we showcase one new faction!

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Welcome back and thanks again for joining us on our modding adventure! I am "master bilbo", the head of the modding team for Wars of Arda, and I have now completed our first ever official dev diary. Note that we're still early days in development so keep that in mind. As noted in the previous article, we have decided to move the setting back to around 1900 TA, which is about 1100 years before the war of the ring. To date, there has been no other major TATW mod that has done this, so if you want the third age of middle earth with a different slate of factions, units, campaign, and multiplayer meta, then I would welcome you to follow us by watching this space, joining our discord, and subscribing to Iron Wolves Productions!

Speaking of Iron Wolves Productions, this is our official channel that will produce development updates, announcements, tutorials, campaign play-throughs, etc. I have linked the first official developer diary here:

We hope you'll join us on all of our future endeavors!


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