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I know you guys are tired of waiting for content and the constant tide-overs, but please, tough it out for a while longer, things are kicking back in gear...

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Hello there again, TheAltonboy here. I know you guys are really tired of waiting for content (Believe me I know how it feels) And your tired of the constant tide-overs. Once again I regret to say that we have no progress done, none of us have had time to do anything. I've started talking with some of the team members in a attempt to get our barrings once again. It's the old and tired problem "We know what we want it's just when can we do it?" Project Evangelion isn't dead, and it never will be but for the time being sit tight. It sucks I know, but I'm about to get back to my Mod-capable PC and I'll be able to pick up my load and again I've started talking with the others again. BTW disregard the applications for voice actors, I've decided to cancel that for now (I'll put them back up sometime later.)
From the members of Project Evangelion, November 2011

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Is the mod still alive? I would love seeing it completed...

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