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Some things you might not spot if you've already watched the trailer. If you haven't, what are you waiting for!

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We’ve just released a brand spanking new SORS trailer. I’m really happy with it – it puts across the tone of the game really well, sets up the narrative and shows of the gameplay well.

I’ve always thought of trailers as being like your shop window. Make it exciting, and get people interested! However game trailers have an advantage over shop windows, because you can watch them again and again, and look out for odd things! (But…trailers don’t have mannequins. So, probably even again).

So here are some things you may have missed in the SORS trailer:

1. Uh oh… hackers

The console is the main interaction with the game. So what happens when it gets hacked? If the commands aren’t there, how do you diagnose patients? No wonder so many doctors have left the facility recently…

2. Hackers…again?

Yes. But this time it’s your scanner. Is this the same hacker? Or a different one? Why can’t they just leave you alone!? What else are they going to interfere with? (these two are the only ones the trailer gives away ;) )

3. Cheat words

Forget guns or floating orbs. Cheat words are your way to give yourself a boost when you’re dealing with patients. You get sent them by your colleagues via email. How do you get them? Well, you’ll have to play the game to find that out!

I hope those reveals have been interesting. You may even want to go and watch the trailer again! (It’s in the videos section).

If you like the game, please consider voting for us on steam greenlight. Every vote counts!

Now that the game is pretty much complete, I’ll be writing some longer post mortem blog posts soon enough. Come back later and you can find out how I wasted hundreds of pounds! And the completely true* story of how I wrestled a turtle!

Thanks for reading


*may not be true. But I definitely win. As long as it wasn’t super and/or ninja. Teenage turtles I can deal with, they’re just angsty.

PS: the trailer was made by the fantastic people at the trailer farm. Highly recommended!

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