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What in the world am I up to, you may ask? I'm doing terrible things, of course!

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OK, so first off, thank you, all of you who have suffered through an incomplete garbage mod. Since there was actually some interest in this mod, I will be working to update it.

Second, to all of those having trouble getting the mod to work, it SHOULD work like any other source mod, AKA slap it in your steamapps --> sourcemods folder. As it is a HL2 mod, you will need HL2 installed. Also, you may need source SDK 2007. What do I know? :3

I tried a few things lately, they didn't work out so well... but- things, they are happening! I've been out of town and busy with work things (I look at rocks for money) so the mod hasn't had any love in a while. Now, however, I shall be recording more sounds, running tests, and doing things as soon as I can! I tried some more model work using Nicholas Cage but all the results were pretty terrifying, so may drop that idea, or run with it, who knows!! Here are some random images!

Ya don't say!

A crime against nature ^


Poor blending and looks far too normal ^


...I don't even know anymore ^

Just letting you know I'm alive and will put some more work into the mod.



great, u might be able to inject multiple materials using material proxy.✓&q=imaterial

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I made this account only to write this, your mod is something I've been looking for long time, it's fun, gameplay is amazing and much more... Please continue developing it ;)

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