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Please take the time to read this, it's a list of features I'm working on and a small message to you all.

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Okay so since it's been a month I'm a little out of shape, I was focusing mainly on getting code created but I think it's time I go back and fix a lot of what's already there and add some new stuff. As you all requested I'm making it more like "Slender" where you collect pages and the music changes. I've emailed the creator to see if it's okay to use his music in my game and I'm waiting for a reply. The things I'm fixing/adding in order of importance are below:

  • Picking up a page changes the song and speeds up The Operator's spawn rate
  • The Operator will not appear, he will fade in/out
  • When The Operator is near your "eyes" will start to close, as if you're falling unconscious
  • Capture scene, I will draw up something "scarier" instead of the Operator in a bush...
  • Running will increase The Operator's spawn rate

That's what I have planned for now, I'd also like to take the time to talk to anyone who is following this game or excited for it. This is not a game based on Slender, The Slenderman goes after children and has tentacles. This is "The Operator" he is based on the Marble Hornets stories and was around before the Slenderman games. I keep getting a few private messages trying to correct me on this, not that it bothers me but some of you don't even know who The Operator is. So besides that I'd also like to say if anyone is watching this game then it would be nice if you could comment this news post and tell me what you'd like to see, special options, features, co-op maybe? If it's do-able I'll try my best.

Also if you haven't check out the forum and you can find news/uploads there faster then you can here since it has to be reviewed first.


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