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Things have been at a halt for quite some time due to a mix of business and laziness on my part, but things are likely to change now.

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UPDATE 27/11/14

Hey guys, I am so sorry for the lack of any news on the project, part of the reason for the silence is that I have been very busy with my life outside of the internet, and part of it is due to it slipping my mind to make an update when I did have the chance. I can honestly say that the former can be said for the other team members but – at least for the next three months – it will be a different situation for me, since I have finished up with school and will most probably be starting up with University in just under three months from now, which now leaves me with a lot of free time on my hands since
I don’t have anything more to study or prepare for, as far as I am concerned. Unfortunately, due to my noobishness in UDK, I went about making things the wrong way entirely so that it relied on the Unreal Tournament packages rather than me creating my own package, so it means that I am scrapping the map I was working on and allowing a new member of our team, MNecrow, to take the reins with the mapping since – to be honest – I’m not good at level design in UDK or any other software.

Now that I’ve got that out in the open, I once again apologise for my lack of updates, since I think I’m the only member to currently have an IndieDB account. I know I have been putting up renders, but those don’t say much in terms of progress except for progress on the character models. So, at the moment, it pains me to say that – due to the aforementioned problems with UDK (again, it was a stupid mistake on my part) – we’re back at square one in development of the demo. However, there is one good thing that came out of this; I got an idea for a gameplay mechanic to make the demo, and the full game, unique. However, for me to say them in public would certainly spoil the surprise, and give people an opportunity to take the idea before we have implemented it.

Good news is, as some of you already know, a couple of weeks ago I attended an interview for Game Design course at a University (can't say which in public for privacy reasons), and I got accepted :D so I shall be starting in early-mid February, and I'll learn how to work more effectively in UDK so that I can get the prototype moving.

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