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Since the last news i announced that one more map will be released for the mod before the end of year, well, unfortunately i will have to postpone this.

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This is a minority report i have the obligation to do to explain why the mod's page here and the topic in ZDoom's forums isn't with much activity, since November of 2014 i have been doing a course of game development and everything was fine until last month, which the 2 guys i have been working with to make the game project which the course needs to be completed decided to leave leaving me lone to do all the stuff, so by now i am having to rush everything to deliver this in the course's conclusion day which will happen in the end of December.

With that in mind, i don't know if another release in either map pack and core gameplay can be made in this year yet, but surely i am touching the mod at least to slowly make changes already for the next year, however there are some changes which i can show by now:

  • Baron of Hell have revamped textures since the first texture he had wasn't all that great and looked mostly flat without the shades of the bump mapping appearing, i also removed him completely from the IC as i have been doing all other monsters which currently don't have a reason to be that way.

Baron of Hell rework

  • Hey look, Hellknight recieved updates again, he is now using the DOOM 2016 variant with a much lower polycount of course because i don't want a MD3 model with 200+ frames costing 30% of the mod's weight, he probably will be the first usable monster in the returning Versus Mode alongside Baron of Hell and Cyberdemon.

Hell Knight rework

  • Cyberdemon was recolored as i posted a screenshot before, but here's a closer look and a small update to his new texture by Tiktalik.

Cyberdemon revamp

  • Now about the maps, i said i was going to reinstate that demo map as a dungeon, and here is some screenshots from the last mapped area for that, currently this map is halted in progress but i hope resume it by January.

E1M1 Q3style 01

E1M1 Q3style 02

A score system was also added to the mod, currently it have the simple usage of being an arcade feature but it will have a greater usage in future versions.


If you had a release date in mind when those 2 guys left you to solo your project, I would just extend it to make sure everything comes out the way you want it.

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Very impressive visual.

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Great updates. I don't know much about actually developing mods, but I know it's tedious and difficult. I like your dedication!

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have you looked at the doom64 monsters? and keep up the good work

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