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Hello guys, Filip here.
Finally i'm writing this post, so what's up with the mod? Mod is doing good, i finally got visual studio 2013 working.
I'm gonna tell what's gonna change in mod:

  • The voice acting from ivona will be not present in mod
  • Capybaras will be only as a easter egg
  • Only weapons that will be added is: Sniper Rifle, Physgun (physgun is for developers things lol), Sticky launcher (it will have pistol model as temporary model) and... Hmm. I think that's all weapons.
  • They will be Two maps (yes, there was suppose to be only one map but i will change)
  • New (MAYBE IDK) model: Billboard with white things to add.
  • New rooms with crates and ammo *and also with troll rooms*
  • Ads maybe will not be added (but for discord server invite yes *insert trollface here*)
  • Source code for mod will be not published *or will someone gonna hack my computer and himself gonna publish*
  • Mod is not going to be on steam because i don't have 50k to pay for havok physics
  • Mod will have editable vmf files of maps.

That's too much for changes, Mod will be having probably patches but time will show
If you have some questions, post a comment or mail me
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