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Full install for the latest version of Thievery UT

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The latest version of Thievery UT can be found in the files section: ThieveryUT-1.7.5.exe

Change notes are below. Be sure to join the Thievery UT community Discord server:

Thievery v1.7.2 - 1.7.5

- Fixes getting stuck on the spider hook when running at over 60 FPS (e.g. on high refresh rate monitors).
- Incorporate some community fixes for the crossbow, supply chest and AI crashing when trying to relight a torch that's too high to reach.
- Reduced volume of player death scream and staggered death loot drop sounds.

Thievery v1.7.1

- "LeftMouse/RightMouse/MiddleMouse" text replaced with icons in the interaction tooltip and item wheel
- added combined Interact/Activate keybind to the controls menu
- disallow the use of weapons while on the Spider Hook
- prevent using the Spider Hook in vents and other enclosed spaces
- Spider Hook is better behaved when used from water
- fixed Spider Hook attaching to the sky in Nostalgia and DE
- fixed a case where you could become detached from the Spider Hook while it's pulling you up
- fixed Scouting Orbs showing up on the map for guards
- fixed AI guards leaving bloody footprints when they walk through marking powder
- fixed ordering guards from the front
- fixed new torch flame effect being incorrectly applied to some lanterns and other meshes
- made telescope zoom compatible with the AutoFOV option in the D3D10 renderer

1.7.5 is network compatible with 1.7.1 -> 1.7.5

Thievery v1.7

For a full list of 1.7 changes, see

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