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The mod pack includes a full version of T2X with high quality HD textures. The pack also includes the new sky mod (t2skies) and HD textures for trees and bushes.

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Thief 2X HD Mod v1.2 is out!

"T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age" is an unofficial expansion of the game "Thief 2 - The Metal Age".
In T2X you will take on the role of Zaya, a female merchant sailor, who is undertaking her very first visit to The City in order to trade and meet her cousin who she has not seen since she was a child. Little does she know of the dangers that lurk there.


Just run it through FMSEL as any Fan Mission!

(Thanks to Ricebug for the FM-conversion of the expansion!)

If you have also installed the "Thief 2 HD Texture Mod" you have to deactivate it: Rename the "HDMOD" folder into "HDMOD_".
Don't use this mod in combination with the "T2X - Necro Age Mod"!

For more installation instructions visit:

Thief 2X HD Mod FAQ

Some Notes:

The mod requires a full installation of the original Thief 2 game, patched with NewDark which is included in the Tafferpatcher!

The HD mod requires a lot of graphic and CPU power!




- added HD textures for all original missions
- added new vegetation
- added new AI mesh-skins
- added improved objects
- added new water and lava textures
- added new torch and fire flames


(Official Moddb Download)


So is the new setup menu you posted last time also included? Will there be a release for Thief 2 and Thief 1 Gold in the next days too? =)

Thanks for your awesome work! Really appreciate it guys!

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