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Welp! New Spy Problem is about to be Released! Here's a list of some changes in the Final Build:

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What's New in the Final Build:

- The final 2 Acts of the Mod

- The Park is no longer abandoned in the Lore

- Replaced the ToyRifle with a Real Rifle in scenes where it was supposed to be real, Model made by Francesco's Toons!

- Fixed a few bugs

- Minor Changes

- Fixed the Materials of a few items in the Neighbor's House

- The visitor in Act 3 won't keep trying to chase you after you run away from his zone now

- Fixed a few collisions in Act 3, you won't be able to skip puzzles now!

- Setted all the Spotlights & Pointlights to Moveable

- Gave some touches to the Cutscenes

- Minor Details Added

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