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A glimpse into the revolver gun gameplay and improvements to the lighting design.

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There Is No Tomorrow

A Stealth and Action adventure game coming on Steam in 2018.

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A glimpse into the gun gameplay with the revolver weapon which considered to have the strongest fire power in the game but will create a lot of noise.


The overall lighting has been drastically changed to a more realistic approach and also easier to modify. Some of the scenes still look quite empty because I been focusing on the gameplay these days. Will be improving the environment designs slowly but surely.

acid monster

Also, a new enemy type is revealed. If you watched the gun gameplay video, you can see that it holds a body of acid. That acid can be use against your enemies as well.

ks img

Kickstarter is launching in January 2018. Rewards include a early bird price of the game but only limits to 30 people.

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