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We didn't post any news in a long time, but we're still alive and kicking.

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Hi everyone!

It's been quite a while since the last time we got in touch with you. A little longer than a year actually.

For those of you who don't remember that, in our last posts we asserted our firm determination to keep on developing the project, despite the poor results of our Kickstarter campaign. Confident in our on-the-ground experience, we got back to work - with some adjustments to our plans and pacing.
Our first ordeal was indeed to survive a long and hard period filled with changes, farwells, lack of resources and personal issues of all kinds. Despite everything, we never gave up. We looked at each other and realized we hadn't had enough of that already.

But sheer determination has to be paired with judgment in order to succeed. By taking a closer look at our own project, we realized we couldn't make it on our own. Then we accurately weighted every possibility and taken some (more or less painful) decisions about what to keep and what to cut from the concept. We can't know if the road we've taken is the right one yet: only time will tell, to us and to you as well.

The first and greatest change in direction is about publishing.

As we've said time and again, the original idea was to develop all the game from top to bottom. One big, carefully crafted experience to be delivered to you all in one piece. Alas, that would have required an amount of resources and effort that we just can't put into it as of now.

So we've taken a different route by opting for an episodic release structure. That way, we will be able to give more polish to every content piece (thus mantaining a good quality standard despite the lack of resources) and you will have time to enjoy a more focused and less dispersive experience.

The first episode is set to take place on the Moon. Starting small will be useful to us to make gameplay adjustments in order to deliver better following episodes, and you'll get to (finally!) have an "appetizer” after a long wait.

The following episodes will cover William's journey throughout the solar system. No worries - we'll keep as much freedom of exploration as possible: you'll be limited only by the same means that would have kept you from getting somewhere in the original concept.

For this reason we decided to change - or, more precisely, to structure in a different way - the project name.

"Deep Flare: Explorer” will become only "Deep Flare”. The first episodes will compose our first ‘season', called "Explorer” in honor of the project's beginnings.

Of course there will be many more news to come… only pre-warming our engines here!

See you soon!

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