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New images of the mod available, explanation of the new dwarf-system and much more!

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The Battle for Middle-earth has just begun...

Return to the classic gameplay of the first Battle for Middle-earth, reimagined withcountless new heroes, units and spells. Journey deeper into Tolkienā€˜s world than ever before, relive the movies with a meticulously crafted visual style and forge your path to victory in epic strategic battles.

Raise your fortress

  • Defend your castle with expansions, upgrades and archers
  • Conquer settlements to rally supporting factions
  • Lay waste to your enemies with mighty siege weapons

Shape the fate of heroes

  • Meet new heroes from the books and movies
  • Wield new abilities for every single hero in the game
  • Master the One Ring with unique Ring Heroes for every faction
  • Create your custom hero with new classes and abilities

Lead the peoples of Middle-earth

  • Take command of nine unique factions
  • Men of the West divided into Gondor and Rohan
  • Elves divided into Rivendell and Lorien

Discover new strategies

  • Recruit a host of new units and master their unique abilities
  • Bring unique spells for every faction to bear
  • Conquer dozens of new maps and all those from the first game

Follow your destiny... Middle-earth awaits!

All hail, fellows of Edain! This update is concerning dwarves and orcs. These two races will play an important role in the upcoming hobbit film, which is our reason for choosing this title ('There and Back Again').

The dwarves will now be split into three sub-factions, one of which you have to choose at the start of the game.

There and Back Again There and Back Again There and Back Again

The factions are Erebor (Lonely Mountain), Ered Luin (Blue Mountains) and the Iron Hills. Each faction has its own advantages, so you must choose wisely.

There and Back Again

Thorin Oakenshield, one of the most important charakters in 'The Hobbit', has also been completely reworked. He evolves from his state as a king in exile, until he is King under the Mountain in the end. At this point, he will be able to use the famed Arkenstone.

There and Back Again

A complete new and very strong dwarven unit is the Guard of the Prime Fathers.

There and Back Again There and Back Again There and Back Again

Another important new feature is the different dragons. One of them are the Cold Dragons. They are able to fly, but unable to spit fire. Fire Dragons are mainly on the ground, but there are also upgrades which make it possible for them to fly into the air. By then, they're very dangerous and must be treated with extreme care. The last and maybe most interesting species of normal dragons is the Breed dragons. Starting as a fire dragon, they only fight on the ground. With new levels, they develope abilities such as flying.Hero Dragons are the most powerful species, personifying a mix of all important abilties. Two famous characters you might know are Smaug and Drogoth.

There and Back Again There and Back Again

Two goblins now play an more important role: Gorkil leads the spiders into battle, while Bolg is the leader of the Wargs.

There and Back Again There and Back Again There and Back Again

The goblin buildings, which looked rather "trashy" in our opinion, got a skin-update: See a few of them with before / after pictures: 1, 2, 3

There and Back Again

The trolls who decided too long about how to eat Bilbo Baggins and his companions and turned into stone at dawn have also found their way into the game: Bert, Bill and Tom.

There and Back Again

Though he doesn't really fit into this theme, we felt he really needed some reworking. Who I'm talking about is Glorfindel, the elf from Rivendell. His standard clothes is now a silk garment. If he rides on his horse, he gets a special armour, fitting this purpose. If he is even given the ring, he wears his princely silver armour and is now able to enter into the Halls of Mandos.

A few more screens of reworked units which I haven't presented here can be viewed in the gallery. I hope you enjoyed our update. Farewell, until our next meeting!

Your Edain Mod Team


Excellent models and textures... looking forward to Edain...

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Great skins! I love the personality in the Bert, Bill and Tom picture! Overall a really nice update. I'll be watching this one!

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These are really nice!
I hope the english version comes out soon

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Six years O_O

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