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I talk about upcoming location themes, painting your home and business, comic books and new subscription services.

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First on the list of new features is themes. Each location in the game now has a different colour theme to make them more distinct. The Fast Food location is gaudy and bright, while the high-end Restaurant is more subtle and classy.

Even the housing areas have their own theme. If you don't like your home's default colours, you can change it. Go to the Mall and buy Cans Of Paint, then go home and select 'Paint Home' to choose which theme you want. You can also do the same for any freelance businesses you own.

Next is Comic Book collecting. Comic Books are now available to help achieve your Possessions Life Goal, just like the other collectibles. Own much-loved classics like Startling Arachnid-Man and The Attractive Quartet. The rest are for you to discover.

Also, all the Collectible containers (Stamp Book, Jewellery Case, etc) have been moved into their own Collector's Store and removed from the Mall.

There's also two new subscriptions. The first is Jesse's Jokes, which gives you jokes and observations about life, work and money every week. It's not really useful, but it's cheap and I thought it fit in well with the rest of the game. The second subscription is Generous Giving. This sets up a monthly charity donation that takes money from your bank account and increases your happiness. It's very useful if you have enough money but haven't achieved your Happiness Life Goal yet.

There's other content coming as well, including new traits, more random events and two more career paths. Thanks to a recent spike in supporters, we'll also be adding two new music tracks in the next version.

One of the surprising things in our online poll was a sudden increase in the votes for a Commodities/Stock Market, which is now in second place! I always wanted to add it, but wasn't sure if players would want such a feature. I'll be gradually working towards that over the coming months.

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