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The Zebucart is a reliable starter star-ship for any player entering the game...

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Zebucart Rotating

As you leave the gravity of Earth for the very first time, you look back to see the blue and green orb you once called home disappearing into the distance behind you. You journey through the Sol wormhole to the Nexus, where you will learn the secrets of the universe before beginning your adventure!

The Zebucart is the starter spaceship for every new player in the game. It is built around early-game survival. With high inbuilt manouverability, the Zebucart can easily dodge enemy attacks, especially the critical strikes from the nexus pirates! Not only is it manoeuvrable, the Zebucart is also a very fast ship, and highly customisable. Boasting 3 augmenter slots, it can be adapted into almost any role as a cargo transporter, to a scoutship to a relatively tough little fighter.

There are several different variants of the Zebucart, namely the Zebucart+ which is available at Von Mises in Free Market, which has increased stats, the Heavy Zebucart which can be built into quite a tough combat ship, and it also useful for mining, and the Zebu Freighter, which is one of the best low tech cargo ships in the game. There is a also the Zebu Gunship, which is an advanced fighter variant and the Oversized Zebucart which can work as a reliable early game trader vessel.

Later on in the game, there is the Zebu Master and it's + variant, which serve as stealthy manoeuvrable heavy fighters, and then even later on, the Zebu Titan and Mulligan's Zebu Titan which just go to prove you can't keep a good star-ship down.

The Zebucart has long been a favourite amongst players and is used for a variety of different roles from battle, to levelling with battle bots, to having massive trading fleets of ready Zebucarts, delivering their goods to the universe. The Zebucart comes with a special Client 1 Skin which any player can use!

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