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A overview of the new Coruscant: The Works map, and the new Hero. Also contains a overview of weapon changes in the patch.

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As it's name implies, The Works takes place deep inside the industrial center of Coruscant. This makes it the first urban map in the Torfront series. This urban nature allowed me to pursue more varied map design than the previous maps in the series have.

A Sniper takes a shot

Players will navigate between tight corridors, high landing platforms, catwalks, and cavernous machine rooms, engaging in a mix of both long range and CQC combat. Combatants will have to flexible if they wish to win.

Republic soldiers trying to stem off a imperial attack

The Works also comes with many weapon rebalances, in addition to a new Hero unit.

Weapons changelog

  • Blaster Rifles now only have a 25 shot magazine. Blaster rifles deal slightly more damage per shot.
  • All blaster weapons now have some amount of recoil
  • The Commando's Assault Cannon now overheats slightly faster in addition to taking slightly longer to cool down. It's damage and rate of fire are still the same.
  • Vanguards no longer have sticky grenades, as sticky grenades where redundant to their kit.
  • Hired Merc's Heavy Blaster Pistol now has a new model.
  • The Imperial Sniper Rifle now has a new model.
  • The Railshot skill has been removed from the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt.
  • The Concussion Round skill has been removed from Havoc Squad CO.
  • Cipher 8's basic rifle attack has a higher projectile velocity.
  • Cipher 8's Ambush attack has a lower cooldown time.
  • The number of grenades carried by all units has been reduced.
  • Snipers now have slightly more Health
  • Snipers now carry less ammunition.
  • Engineers now carry less health kits.

The Barsen'thor using a force disturbance

New Hero: The Barsen'thor of the Jedi Order. Many of you have been bugging me for a playable Jedi, and you got your wish. However the Barsen'thor plays differently than your typical hack'n'slash BF2 heros. The Barsen'thor does not use her lightsaber to deflect attacks or defend herself, instead the Barsen'thor uses the force to create a armored bubble around herself protecting her from attacks from all sides. The Barsen'thor can also generate Force Disturbances which is a ranged attack that deals massive damage in a small area. Of course if a enemy gets too close the Barsen'thor's lightsaber is as lethal as ever.


I have a problem with the mod. I installed the unofficial 1.3 patch to SWBF2 a few days ago and when I tried to play one of the maps they didn't work and the game didn't respond. The only map that works is Alderaan. Before installing the 1.3 patch the mod was working well. I tried to reinstall the mod but still does the same.

Help please

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Crinn Author

I honestly have no idea. You may have to just reinstall everything.

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Ok, I'll try that.

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