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how we have managed to make this game from idea to an actual thing.

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In the beginning we had a lot of choices to make. did we want it to be a side view with top down angles or a fps perspective where you go around and collect things. we knew it should have an arcade feeling to it but we never quite got it down. then we were remembered of the old side perspective beat-em-up games where you went around the city and punched down random thugs. It was then we had our idea.

It took some refining to make it happen. what kind of art style should we have. a sci-phi or steampunk theme. but in the end we managed to work it out. it was going to be a science fiction game where you would be stuck on a spaceship and destroying robots for the scrap, in the form of score.

As we continued working it all started to fall together, almost like a puzzle. The menus fell into place and the mechanics were starting to make sense. The animations and sprites have bee worked on throughout the project and to be honest, they are actually looking good. we have had some very talented graphics designers who are and have worked very hard to make this game look as good as is possible.

now in the end with the prototype finished and being tested it is also starting to feel like a full game. the goal to play is there and mechanics and gameplay has been etched in. while it is not finished yet it is well on it's way.

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