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Chipmunk Sweatshop is proud to announce that The Witching Hour is available at ModDB. Feel free to check it out at the Downloads section.

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While waiting for the download to complete, please read the following (from the readme file):

This mod requires the latest version of Unreal Tournament 3 (2.1 + Titan Pack).

Install either by clicking on the install bat file of your choice (based on your operating system), or simply copy the TWHGame folder into your My Games/Unreal Tournament 3 folder.

--- HOW TO PLAY ---
Run the PlayTWH shortcut which should be in your My Games/Unreal Tournament/TWHGame folder.You can choose to play single player if you wish to explore the level, but bot spawning has been disabled, so there is no challenge to be had. The Witching Hour has been designed for multiplayer fun, so gather your friends and set up a LAN server, or try connecting on an internet server running a Witching Hour map - or even better, host your own! The mod requires its own game mode, so make sure you find The Witching Hour game mode in the listing!

** NOTICE** The mod will only work if you click on the PlayTWH link provided - if you start UT3 normally, The Witching Hour may or may not show up in the list of Game Modes, but the mod will not be playable.

In order to avoid textures in the level looking odd, set Texture Quality to 5 in the Advanced Settings. Because the interplay of light and dark plays a key role in the game, we recommend keeping Unreal Tournament’s in-game brightness setting set to 5.

--- ON SHADERS ---
When first starting a TWH map (which you never opened before), it may take some time to load while generating shaders for the map. On a multiplayer game, if the client does not have TWH installed it will transfer all packages from the server and will need some time to generate the shaders as well. After the client generates the shaders, you will get the message Connection Lost - simply rejoin the server and you will immediately get into the game with no more downtime!

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