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Developer Diary 2 from the team behind the Witcher: Total War.

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Ceádmil one and all to the Witcher: Total War Developer Diary 2, and the first DD of 2020!

I shall come right out and say it; that we may not have a lot to show this month, but with what will be said in this DD, things will speed up. :)

So… To business!

I shall put this in big letters because… HELP WANTED! – A big part of mods like these are the models… Unit models, Strat models for both settlements and for roaming characters, even unique battle maps and although we have a modeller, pulling off all of these by oneself is a herculean task (made impossible with university), so we are putting out a big “HELP WANTED” to any and all modellers who are willing to help make this project come alive. – Please message me on Moddb, or, leading to the second part of this DD…

On the Witcher: Total War server here: - Ye asked and ye shall receive! I have made a server for us to connect more; a place to discuss the mod, a place to update you all on progress outside of these DevDiaries, as well as have a place to have a general chit-chat. Please let me know about any criticisms or anything that should be fixed on the server and I’ll get to it when I can.

Another update is that I can give is we have had an artist agree to help develop, well, art for the mod, including portraits, building art and more. They and I plan to work closely to bring unique artwork to the project to make it that bit extra special.

Now, you didn’t think we would post a DD without screenshots, did you? Our mapper Quelmmerney has listened to your comments and has smoothed out the coastline for the V/N map, and we hope you’re happy with the results:

20200212223340 1
20200212223358 1
20200212223419 1
20200212223409 1
20200212223430 1
20200212223444 1

(This most probably isn’t the final version of the map.) And you may also notice the UI… A version I am pretty happy on, save for the icons which will be changed by next month; that’s a job for the artist I mentioned before. ;)

If any modellers wish to join the team; I really look forward to hearing from you, and I hope to see all of you on the Discord server where I will try to answer any questions you may have. And with that I must say va fáill.


Thanks for the update, coastline looks great

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Do you plan to focus on the Witcher 3 map only or a wider map including other northern real, Nilfgaard and its provinces ?

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