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Important news regarding the King of Bandits mod (earlier "Cats of the South" and the team behind it.

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This modification is actually a school project, which gives us the benefits of working on it in class, as we are studying full time. It will be graded. Which motivates us in the team to work on it even more than necessary - it also means that this mod will surely not die.

Do not get scared away by the school project thing, it is still a serious mod. And will be released in April 2013, nothing can stop that.

Every member of the team will from this Tuesday and forward post individual news on this Moddb page regarding their individual tasks in the making of the mod.

And now to the more relevant mod news for our loyal trackers and watchers, you might have noticed the name and story change of the mod - previously it was called Cats of the South, and now it is King of Bandits.

Today we have been working on school assignments linked with this project which had to be finished before we can be granted the time needed every week to work on it and finish it in time. We also created a new preview image along with the new header, and started on some upcoming concept art.
The main questline is about 80% done, on paper, and the same goes for the visual (level design).

The goal for next weeks Tuesday is to have at least 3 concept arts uploaded, or even a first glimpse of the main location where our mod will play a major role.

And a more detailed summary of the mod will be uploaded ASAP.

Remember to track this mod if you find it interesting!

Stay tuned for more updates!

// Nirnrooted Studios (Alexander, Kevin, Samuel, Sebastian, Simon)

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