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A general summary of all the Mark of the Beast development news over the last month.

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The wheels are turning! - FAQ and Updates

Hello readers!

The last week has been very exciting for our small indie project. We have several new features we are playing around with including the inclusion of our network components complete with lobby system, some beast powers we are experimenting with and some other awesome snippets such as the ability to lean around corners.

Our team has also undergone some expansion with the overwhelming response we have had from 3D Artists who will be helping to make this game a joy to look at and more people applying for roles in programming. That being said we still really would love to see our team expand with talented environmental designers so feel free to check our job page!

Quick FAQ

The following section will answer a few questions I have received and will be at some point expecting...

Will Mark of the Beast be restricted to Windows Only?
At the moment we are developing Mark of the Beast solely for the windows platform but due to the flexibility of the Unity engine we will not be ruling out a port to Mac or Linux.

Will Mark of the Beast have a Singleplayer mode?
We have no plans for a singleplayer mode at the moment. Mark of the beast is supposed to be played with friends or strangers on the internet. Whatever floats your boat. We wont judge.

Does the game support both LAN and Internet Multiplayer?
Mark of the Beast will support multiplayer over both LAN and Internet from day one.

How large is the team?

HyperBIT is a continuously growing team. At present we have Three Programmers, One concept artist and alot of people applying for roles in 3D Asset creation. We are always looking for new talent though!

Final Notes
We hope this tiny little news snippet has proved informative to all those reading. We hope to read your comments and feedback. In the mean time however please enjoy this concept sketch of one of the environments we are considering for the game!

Daniel Butler
Lead Developer

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