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The 'What's happening with Patch 1.2' update. ;) Done so far:....

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The 'What's happening with Patch 1.2' update. ;)

Done so far:

  • Fixed missing "claim" option for bailed ships.
  • Blocked ware consumption task from consuming upgrades
  • Restored ware stock on upgrades (related to above)
  • Adjusted factory rel vals.
  • Merged in camera position fixes from Draffutt (Thanks)
  • Added a fix for Stats center from Tricmov (Thanks)
  • Added automated drone repairs on player owned drone carriers. Drones will now be repaired when they are docked. (Thanks to Trickmov for the script)
  • Added dummy entries into Tfactories for Gaz's CC.
  • Fixed ECM
  • Added Player Owned SY fixes from Trickmov (Thanks)
  • Blocked EQ docks from spewing tunings when they are repackaged.
  • Added new effects to stop Kyon beams from lagging the hell out of your system.
  • Changed all Kyon variations to safe values in order to solve the reported lags on several customer systems. Kyons are a even deadlier than before, especially the bigger ones.
  • Changed the IBC to match the expectations on the weapon.
  • Changed the IBC to give it more OOOOMPH. It's now close to the beta Kyons.
  • Added fix for the bailing crash
  • Akurei fix fixed
  • Fixed bug where race owned ships spawned on pirate carriers in generic missions.
  • Fix to remove leftover 'buy ship' mission ships.
  • Bombers have their range reduced, some Bomber missiles are toned down a bit.
  • Bombers have also had changes to yaw pitch roll and speed/acceleration, which are too complex to write a short explanation here ;)
  • When changing products on a factory, playership is now properly undocked automatically
  • laser rel. values adjusted (fixes stalled production for some weapons)
  • Switched Complex Construction Kits back to Argon default ones (at least the Terran ones were broken)

Currently working on:

A few tweaks are still in the works, so while they are being finished off we are adding player menus for regen ship hulls, carrier fighter repairs and rearming on player owned ships. (These are not guaranteed to make it into 1.2 though, depends on how long the tweaks take.)

Our testers should be getting 1.2 for testing soon.


Good job guys, too bad TC lags on my system.

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