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Models, Programming and general updates from Gamescom.

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Hi guys,

So we had a great time at Gamescom, we got a lot of good feedback and got to talk more about the game then I actually expected at this point. It was a great learning experience for future conventions and I`m even more excited to spread the word about the game.

Regarding the game updates: We have finished almost all of the models for the vertical slice, and our 3 great modelers have done an amazing job making everything from scratch, and it`s looking absolutely great. From a programming standpoint we are also pretty much on track for pre-alpha and to have an in-game trailer ready for you & Kickstarter next year. It`s a big project so we need to make it look the part as well, as of right now we will have the trailer ready sometime in December/January.

Also, the Kickstarter in-game concept art rewards are starting to come together and is looking amazing!

A small programming update:

- Dummy mechanics (Ship proto) -> Sails & Rudder vs waves
--> Can Accelerate / Decelerate (temp) - based on Sails raised* (primitive)
--> Can Rotate around arc (temp) - based on Rudder angle* (prrimitive)
--> Rudder visual feedback (inverted rotation mechanic)
--> Rudder progressively returns to angle 0 upon wheel release
*Some friction issue

- Dummy camera tracking (Cam proto) -> Tracking Ship vs waves
--> Can track rotation & position
--> Optional Y loc (prevents cam bumps, but less immersive) - Dynamic vs Static

- Dummy waves mechanic
--> Wave modulation (Speed, Height, Frequency, Noise) (No orientation control yet)

- Modified Buoyancy behavior (algorithm for mesh heighmap, pitch/yaw, etc.)
- Adapted fake ship to new mesh

- Test Scene Cleanup and general project setup
- Added Main Scene & SceneManager Loader (Transitions to Main)
- Refactored Ship Controlling Rudder logic
- Reflective/Transparent Map Water R&D
- Ship Logic Cleanup & Setup
- Skybox tests
- Preliminary Fog Settings
- Setup 'Fake Port' / Reel test

- Navigation re-implementation (Sails system, no torquers)
- Crafting system draggable UI placeholder implementation

- New Assets Import

- GameManager Singleton implementation

Quest System
- Waypoint detection (Ship & Waypoint bounding volumes)
- QuestSysterm entity
- Dummy quest creation (hooked to debug console)
- Dummy quest waypoint (hooked to debug console)
- Quests are added ("Q") and completed (reaching dummy waypoint) only insofar as there are active quests (test mode)

- UIManager Singleton implementation
- DebugConsole output UI element (array of 10 messages)

To some of the assets we finished, and concept art!

This is one of the many Captain`s table`s you can buy in the game. They go from very cheap to expensive and highly decorative- They are also fitting to the style of zone you start in. This is the European style table.


The concept art of the European style Captain`s chair.

Conceptart Chair

The ocean texture/material.


We redid the crafting hammer


We have also started blocking out all the animations, this is one of the blockouts of the whale attack.


Blockout of the spear throwing animation.


And lastly, our little stand at Gamescom 2017

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Alright, and also remember that you can sign up for our closed beta at and also join our forums there as well for a nice chat!

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