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The Weaponographist free demo is now available on Steam. To celebrate, Puuba and Mastertronic are also hosting a contest with chances to win a free copy of the full game when it releases on April 29th.

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The Weaponographist   Save Our Town
The Weaponographist Free Steam Demo Is Available Now

In anticipation of the April 29th launch of The Weaponographist for PC and Mac, The Weaponographist free public demo is now live on Steam, 9 days early!

Puuba, the game's developer, and publisher Mastertronic are announcing a contest for the demo, wherein the top three best times to finish the second boss in the demo each day will will a copy of the full game when it comes out. To enter the contest, kill the second boss in the demo, and tweet a screen shot of the depth clear screen @puubadanny with the hashtag #Weaponographist before April 26th.


The Weaponographist is a top-down beat 'em up action RPG dipped in Rogue sauce, composed of randomly generated arena rooms filled with demons that the player must defeat, and weapons the player must continually replace, in order to progress. Its protagonist, Doug McGrave, has been cursed by a witch to force him to save the town of Hellside from a demon infestation. Due to the curse, if Doug isn’t slaying demons, he’s getting weaker; if he uses any one weapon too many times, it will break, and he will have to pick up a new one.

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