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Changelog for upcoming v1.1.2 of The Way Of Ira.

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-Added Raze support.


-There are now ambient sounds for big fires in Chapter I and Chapter II.

scr e2m1ira v 1 1 1 zipiraira i

-Changed some sprite angles to support voxel pack.
-Fixed texture misalignments.
-Added some missing mirror interactions.
-Rotated some bodies to appear more "natural" with the voxel pack.

-One side of a crate was explodable. That was not the intention.

-Fixed bull skull voxel angle.

scr ie2m02d map 0000

-Ceiling lights in station hallways can now be broken.

scr e2m3irad ini 0000

-Go ahead, shoot the Mother spiders out of the train. Skull key gets provided in another way now.

scr e2m4irad ini 0000

-There were some lighting FX sectors missing near the train. Fixed.


-Solved a lighting issue in the lab.


-You could get stuck outside the trap near the end of the level. Now you get stuck inside the trap, as intended.


-Tree props in opera are no longer voxelized. They should appear flat.

scr ie2m08d map 0003

-Ceiling lights in safe under casino can now be broken.

scr ie2m08d map 0004

-Fixed some floating sprites.
-Grates had wrong gib object. Fixed.

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