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Learn about the Fluid Coalition, the realm of Water!

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Hey Everybody!

Today we take a look at the Fluid Coalition and what makes these watery beasts so cool.


  • Primary Animals: Fish and Amphibians
  • Leadership: Duly Elected County Envoys
  • Primary Ideals: Exploration and Individualism


  • Primary Beast Skills: Swim - The water is the home of the Water nation and they dominate in the wet depths.
  • Primary Spell Focus: Enchantments - The Water Realm doesn't seek to build new, but rather improve on what already exists. Their enchantments take what's there and makes them better!
  • Primary Natural Element: Rain - More than any other nation, the Fluid Coalition gains from it's natural element. When it rains or when they get wet, water beasts get stronger!

Want to find out even more details on the Water Realm? Check out the Hugebot! blog. It has breakdowns on the Trout, Catfish, Frog, and a variety of Water Spells. And this is only a portion of whats planned!

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