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The heroic ideal is to form oneself in hierarchies, and is based on the beliefs of a warrior ethos. One sees that Heroism isn't portrayed accurately on the silver screen. We see people deeply committed to the hero path in the EMT's, first responders, frontline policemen, soldiers and traditional warriors.

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The hero departs from the easy, prepacked, predigested world of its herd into the great world. Thousands of images of it, the process is not pleasant, the path of heroism seeks supernatural might and wisdom. The ancient world had its share of mystery cults, mankind sought to integrate the heroic ideal into their lives. The Northmen, the Maori, the Papua New Guinea natives, samurai, for the intimate emulation of heroism into their lives. Having ravaged the traditions of western civilisation during the enlightenment. To assuage ourselves of guilt the modern west has sought to replace much of it with materialistic and atheistic as much as possible. Heroism is the active accomplishment of moral duty.

Duty is our connection to the supreme being. Its a way to tap into our superhuman might and wisdom. We all face a internal and outer war, both are equally important. The internal struggle is against materialism, entitlement, atheism agnostic tendency that extends out of entitlement. The external war is against the civilisation and culture that manifests/utilizes the materialism, talked about elsewhere, through the means of subversion and pacification. Once accomplished the outer struggle will result in victory as a matter of course. The outer struggle is the manifested programs of ideological warfare. Its the primary persona non gratis, its public enemy number one on the liberal left, with every liberal program and construct, thats to be expected in the times we live in, in a civilization thats been hijacked that seeks its downfall. How does one know heroism in oneself? There is a garnered force. There is a sense of momentus threshold approaching, the precise parameters is a vague mystery.

We must make it manifest, with no thought of who and what we shall be, truimph, learning the heroic ideal is to devote oneself with total devotion. There is no such thing as being a little committed. There can be no such thing as slight devotion, everything that one does in ones life must be done as though its the most important activity in the whole of the cosmos, and to have 100% of our attention and commitment, greater than the commands of survival, naturally this must extend to our personal and public life, social and political, we must have no unhappy friends or happy enemies. At this point it is that one has begun to overcome the demands of gross flesh, bone and ego, and grasp the tip of divine outcrop, oneness with our greater selves, our nation, our race and our group and the unspeakable power that shapes our destiny, begin to grasp the enormity of our true heritage.

Altogether new life that dispels and overcomes the weakness, ignorance and all forms of spiritual darkness/emptiness. Its a transhuman exuberance that would overwhelm and destroys that repellent beast from within, we remerge from this seeming death triumphant, our our very lives and our spirit reborn, faith and beliefs. One such belief is the passion, this is embodied with the support base, power structure, honor and hierarchy. The heroic ideal grows out of the hierarchical ordering of society. Mans urge to order through the construction of hierarchies. A warrior can only have respect for others who base on the heroic ideal. Hierarchies are not egalitarian for the warrior ethos, he must have respect for that person to be counted. Brothers in arms. Examples of warrior outlook is to show us to follow with patience. like a stone he cannot be moved, his certainty and calm in what must be done, one divests and simplifies. Embracing life as a heroic ideal goes way beyond war, what PC culture suggests it be brought out quickly and removed as quickly as possible once war ends. Its not about the amount you can spend or how much weight you can lift. We do not see war for peace as a legitimate category. We see virtue and being heroic as virile and spiritual, developing a heroic view on life.

The current PC culture suggests we change our minds/outlooks on what our feelings dictate at any moment in time. We must stand up and defiantly proclaim that only men shall define what is manhood. We manifest the hero that lives in us from liberal distaste, degeneration, ideology and oppression. True men remain loyal to those to whom they are indebted. The virtue of loyalty is to follow the principles of ethics, relegating ones own self-interest to the side for the purposes of fostering an learning environment and growing with the group and to allow superiors to engage with their subordinate fellows without antagonism. Loyalty is due to a fundamental agreement on principles and a recognition of a deeper set of values, we would also reserve judgment on someone who has a proven themselves to be a person of integrity or of good values, weighing what we know about someone, that information with whatever the accusation that is up for scrutiny that's suggested. Heroic ideal may involve sacrifice but is never dependent on this being a fact of existence, rather courageous sacrifice always is because its the extol the heroic supplicant to the center of a anti-materialist divide, in the outer struggle between materialism and anti-materialism the anti-materialist doesn't believe his or her is contingent upon material means alone, but has a higher, transcendental life ordered by a principle of opposition to entitlement and narcissism, as well as the atheist/agnostic impulse that stems from the narcissism.

Internal struggle is one that sides against the counterproductive materialism; entitlement and narcissism, including the atheist/agnostic impulse that comes from the narcissism, the rationalisation of everything down to what is easy, comfortable or at ease rather than struggle by liberals. The external struggle in the social is manifested as war sometimes, the outer war is one culture and civilisation that uses materialism to adopt the ways of subversion and pacification. Outer struggle manifests itself primarily as ideological warfare, one that seeks to immobilize or stimmy the growth of some program or belief system that eschews liberal and man-made constructs. The warrior ethos is one that is not based on egalitarianism but rather he or she forms a hierarchy based on strength or based on victory, one where he or she must respect the person that is a part of it. Materialism is the spiritual siphilis which enlargens all that is weakness, ignorance and empty nihilism, where we primarly identify things as purely material substance, this includes human beings as devoid of soul, spirit and transcendent spark. Materialism is basically that of entitlement, the material appeal of buy benefits for an elite club or elite group, or appeal to "the good" based on "equality", "justice", "rentier economies" and better "consumer based society". Justice is really whatever we can get for ourselves, its not a moral development, its the creation of your pile, your things or whatever you want it to be.

Rather we posit that the quality of our being takes precedence over the quantity of our people, intellectualism, comfort, entitlement, inner turmoil, naivete and groupthink.

"We should care about a future that we won't see. Other people are important. Groups, nations, societies, plans e.t.c, you are free not to consider these things important but that is a count against you, your character. If a person is only a egotistical, self-centered kind of person they are a unpleasant self-absorbed, narcissistic person that will grow contempt amongst their peers. Everything that you have, you have because other people had the opposite of that attitude.

Everything you have is because other people have the opposite of a nihilist attitude. You have inherited wealth, technology, traditions, systems, infrastructure, plans, culture, architecture. From people who did care that they would not live to see. Its precisely this that gave their lives meanings. Nothing is meaningful unless its produced by sacrifice, and no sacrifice is possible without effort and pain in those sacrifices. Effort and pain are not the end of the world, we survive we keep going, we regenerate and your life would be empty without effort and pain. Give your effort, endure the pain, make the sacrifice, create the meaning.

Loyalty is the short answer. Those other races and cultures are not yours. You should take your culture [and ethnicity] and race as your priorities because they belong to you and you belong to them. They are your ancestry, and so they belong to you and not to somebody else not of that group of people and culture. Why? Because of the historical threads maintained by your ancestors, so no one else is going to look after them. They are your responsibility and so you don't have the option to abandon them.

Why should we care about morals if it doesn't hurt someone, particularly sexual morality as it pertains to marriage and heterosexuality. Moral codes not only protect from those that are harmful, but those that are passively harmful. The consequences of such actions are not immediately harmful but have a cumulative effect and they are, degrade the spirit, weaken the will, poison the mind, and shrivel the spirit.

You belong to a group, and belong in that group, you are a descendant of hundreds of years of evolution, cultural development, traditions, religious thought and philosophical thought and doctrine, artistic exploration, genetic distillation, your language, the things you understand, the way you see the world, the ways you are able to see the world through, the clothes and the music you call your own, the stories & epics you know, the shape of your bones and internal organs, and all the 37 trillion cells in your body all attest to this fact that tells you are of this story.

Belonging to a group does more than anything you've suggested, it enriches your individuality and gives it meaning that you cannot certainly build up on your own, it connects you in many ways genetically, historically and romantically to the past that created you and that will have you remembered if you are able and willing to be. And if you are to be remembered its most likely by your inheritors, your people, your birthright, your responsibility, your gift to the future. People who can become one with you and understand you on a spiritual level. This is how people used to live." from Millennial Woes NPI 2016.

edit- Nationalism: It is a sense of purpose, and the will to work to further your nation and its people. It is the feeling that your country and culture are the best, and aren't matched by any other. It is the will to lay down your life in defense of your nation, it's leaders, and your people. It is the the desire to further your nation beyond greatness, to truly be the best, and knowing that you are. It is feeling, knowing, that your country has your back and you have its, and that you stand with your brothers working towards a better world.

Some say that nationalism is simply a blind cult following of your country even if it isn't good at all. That it leads to stagnation and a poor working class. This is not true. Nationalists wouldn't sit and let their country rot, they would fight and work, they would make every move towards a better place for their people, their nation, their children and friends. Nationalists of all stripes stand by their country through thick and thin, unlike these “dissenters” of our age.

So ask yourself, what is your country? In my case, what is America? Well, America is many things. America is not perfect, no, every country can improve. But it's also my home, my place of birth. It is strong, it is powerful, and full of many wonderful people who love their nation and all of its beauty and glory, present and past. America, is your sister, your father, your friends, your neighbors, as we all call this country our home. We are all Americans, and as Americans it is our duty to help each other and our nation to greatness, just like in the past. In this sense, America is full of heroes, and true nationalists are indeed heroes.

With this said, nationalism is a force for good for the nation and its people, and those who are disgusted with nationalism and America don't want change. They want to tear the country apart and hurt it's good people. As nationalists it's our duty to stand up for what's right: our people.

National pride in ones own nation is high on our list, national pride is based on ones identification with the nation as being personally tied to your own destiny, you have to take care of your own people first, its a social obligation is taking care of the needs of your national economy first, the needs at home of your nation must come first and then everyone else can gain some exports. This is economics that isn't divorced from ensuring food, safe and healthy housing, healthcare and education is being given to the people. We hold this as a political imperative, this is because the collective will and strong people are so that it places power in the hands of fewer people but it brings with it increased responsibilities because it encourages competition with the rest of the world and it holds nothing back from developing the strength of local economies. Its unrealistic and unacceptable to expect to voluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory. This is an basis for a nationalist mindset. When different people's take a home in the same region within a country, i.e. territories there will always be fighting & struggle over natural resources and political power. Companies encourage this conflict in order to transform the world into a mindless isolated consumer culture. We have to unite with our natural family, where we have in common bonds of culture, history, blood and language. "Biology influences culture, and culture influences how your society is." We say that our people have the right to self-determination, each people deserve their own homeland.

Blood ties and loyalties, both past, present and future are important and loyalties should be the default. That it is endemic to the human realm and that any higher moral ethic or loyalty has it's natural limit, which limit is generally understood to be a person's Nation.

Even when synthetic loyalties (based on single interest) or ethics, (or larger more distant and diffuse biological ones or ties), sometimes surpass this. This is why class struggle never made it, people where still as majority due to something inherent to them identify as part of a Nation.

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