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This is a summary that I hope people will agree with and try to apply in their life, as thats what the other half of virtue is about.

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The people with master virtues develop their morality in order to thrive and feel powerful, it's to succeed, where as those who slave virtues only wish to survive and feel content, it is to show sympathy for suffering, trouble or difficulty which is all about some utility for society rather than looking inwardly and improving oneself there or allowing one to struggle to triumph on ones own strengths, a triumph will improve ones strength.

Courage is to be a victor over fear; ones purpose must be the cause of action and not of inaction; be directed to the ends without shrinking away. Courage to stand up when necessary. Courage to assert yourself and be in control of yourself as much you can in your circumstances. That is true courage.

Strength is physical, mental, and emotional. Physical strength is very important to the to us. What is the point of chasing your passion if your body is unable to do so? What if your physical lack of strength causes you to be unable to enforce your will and break your chains?

Repeated practice though, that is what makes our strength reality. Mental strength should be equally exercised. We should be constantly increasing our mental tolerance against external and internal forces. Take a cold shower and overcome your bodies repulsion to discomfort. Meditate longer than you feel comfortable. Do lots of exercises that challenges yourself, that which strengthens the mind, when were as under attack then defend, finding the good in what we do, are mainly struggle, duty, devotion, convictions, self-control, self-respect, purpose, ambition, power, subtlety, patience, secrecy, presentness, cunning and subterfuge, using those passions do we then gain strength, all to prevent us from being tired as quickly as a normal person does.

Emotional strength is the final of these. You must build an emotional fort and decide what you will allow to control you. Are you angry? Channel that anger correctly. Are you sad? Channel it. Decide what will affect you and why. Don't allow emotions to control you. Break your bondage.

Honor is a standard that we must hold a man to in society. A honorable person is they who are not one who is looked down on by those around him. Honor is the esteem one can have between like-minded people, and the character that best represents ones self amongst the like-minded people. They will achieve a level in the eyes of those around him to be respected. Being dishonorable is letting yourself down when you do not meet a standard you have set for yourself too. Honor is the protection of the group and honor is when we seek out the uncomfortable for repute, reputation is gotten from doing uncomfortable things. We seek out the difficult (discomfort) to further our own cause. Seek out repute in your decisions and therefore have greater respect. Personal honor is bridging the gap between what we promise and our deed, staying true between covenant, pact or promise and deed is a kind of personal honor that we surely need in this epoch of coasting by and allowing others to man the helm or guard the gates. Rather we want deed to reflect what I say I will fulfill, that's a true self suggestion that can be embodied day to day and is a part of being worthy of respect.

The virtues of self-control and fearlessness should be added too. The virtue of self-control is preventing the need to be dependent on someone else by financial and political freedom from the system. Victories are won by active and dedicated minorities, a bit of involvement in some movement or group can go a long way to achieving the aforementioned. Self-control more calculatingly is to disassociate with anything which is decadent or which gives your life the appearance of decadence.

Temperance is pure will power to self regulate. Patience, self-control, and diet are just a couple examples where Temperance is shown. Temperance can be described as balancing the dichotomies. Patience is important, but too much patience is weakness. Diet is important, but starving yourself is ridiculous. Proper Temperance can balance these extremes and lead to cohesion throughout our lives.

I would also add fearlessness as a virtue. The ability to take alot of punishment for being virtuous, this level of dedication is a sign of mastery and to the uninitiated can be of great use to upcoming battles and hardships. Suffering and sacrifice are necessary, we shouldn't shun it, this is hardening us.

Deferred gratification has been suggested by some as an virtue. Delayed gratification is resisting arm's length gratification and delaying it to the future for an even higher reward and gratification. It's when a person declines an immediate reward in the present in exchange for a greater reward in the future. It's a classic situation when a person fights with him or herself in order to get ahead. This could be a key component of past successes. It’s the call to sacrifice a little satisfaction today to greatly increase the quality of life tomorrow, an timeless principle. Things like freedom, family, determination and perseverance are of course useful and virtue too.

Freedom cannot be sold for security/peace, as you would be forfeiting all you’ve done. The first step to freedom is introspection, what do we want, who are we to become, what do I believe in, then how do I get there where I want to be i.e. the seed planting phase. Next get rid of the unessential, remove the things that stand in your way, prune or cut away possessions, harmful habits, addictions that make you dependent on some other force instead have ones that empower you. Priorities need adjusting till you are left with makes you grow to meet the necessary components of achieving what you set out to do. Strength is in your passion, passion is in our proficiency, proficiency is in the daily toils, expertise carried on by our intensity to meet tasks that arise and obliterate obstacles, living for the energetic realization of our life blood - our true purpose & perhaps our true social calling.

Freedom cannot be sold for security and peace, as you would be forfeiting all you’ve done. The first step to freedom is introspection, who am I, what do I like, what do I want, who do I wish to become, what do I believe in, then how do I get there where I want to be i.e. the seed planting phase. Next get rid of the unessential, remove the things that stand in your way, prune or cut away possessions, harmful habits, addictions that make you dependent on some other force, instead have one that gives you strength. Priorities need adjusting till you are left with makes you grow to meet the necessary components of achieving what you set out to do. Strength is in your passion, passion is in our proficiency, proficiency is in the daily toils, expertise carried on by our intensity to meet tasks that arise and obliterate obstacles, living for the energetic realization of our life blood - our true purpose and perhaps our true calling.

"It's not the daily increase, but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential." -Bruce Lee.

"Determination is what compels you to continue on the struggle for your existence, struggle for your life and whatever else you deem to be part of your perspective, like gaining a prominent or important position, is essential component of any belief system. Perserverence is basically willpower. When put under pressure through consistent effort move past the ego depletion stage where fatigue starts to set in while doing something that requires your concentration, exertion in this way will leave you with more willpower as in your ego tank, which when improved in this manner it will be there to help empower you, to be empowered enough to make your goals or dreams come to life. Any difficulty and challenge that you meet is really just there to magnify your inner power, that is it grants you self-control."

"Perseverance is your ability to remain persistent in actualizing your emotion-driven or instinct-driven goals, perseverance means being able to fight against the instinct to seek out the road of least resistance or comfort. Perseverance is undergoing a transformative life event that will make you bare whatever circumstances you can and fight hard, within reason, against the self-righteousness, pride and ego of ones enemies. Because you know you are right, that is what gives you a aura of courage to face whomever you must, knowing this you will do what you can, preferably do what is right by your clique, irregardless of hardship and struggle to get to your desired end goal. What we observe that the world is organizing itself, the power of self-organisation, contributes to the resurgence of living according to natural law but willing our reality is even better. We seek order because we seek changing the status quo to adhere to our worldview."

Thus we live to have strength, we should have equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunities. Distinction for mastery and associated responsibilities that are earned are what we hold in high regard. In this fight for populism and representative democracy, wealth, family, marriage and distinction, is something that we want in greater supply rather than sapped by the left and outsourcing.

Diligence/Commitment - Some may say that it is the most essential virtue for success in any field – career, art, sports or business. It is about making a decision that is purposeful or goal directed, purpose is doing something that is good purpose; useful or advantageous, good is striving for your self development, growth, transformation, passion, strength, power, victory or freedom, while goals are what accords with your passion, and then keeping it up despite adversities and mood.

Indulgence with restraint - This is the ability to command your impulses, feelings and mood through self-control acts or habits, let yourself indulge in something that gives you pleasure or easier reward always in the form of greater self-control and more persistence rather than be reduced to addiction, solitude, indolence or moral hazard that comes with overindulgence in whatever comes your way as a hedonist or amoral person would. This is the secretive belief in owning oneself, well enough to know that ones pleasures are a essential element of ones life and this means we must be willing to be allowed to find what produce within you that spark of ever greater life ownership, strength and inner power that comes with this mindset of indulgence with restraint.

Power - I will choose the path of power. The beginning and ends I seek, the inner satisfaction that you receive should be commensurate to the level you compel others to follow your dictates, desires and agenda, using your plans, protocols and values you can gain over others positions of power in the arena of your choosing. Power comes in many forms but the most powerful is military, banking, politics, law, media and business. Being compelling means knowing your arena or field well, not compromising on your plans, protocols or values in practice if you want them resolved sooner than later.

Integrity - Its about holding to your positions or principles of "doing the right actions", never go for instant gratification but pursue the harder path of self-knowledge.

Wisdom - This is the refinement consciousness and informs all other virtues, that is only gained through the love of wisdom, wisdom is the ability of knowing and acting with knowledge, experience, understanding, insight and common sense. Power is not really knowledge, loads of knowledge that is not put to use (law of use), will really keep you from taking concerted actions to use the flame of ones lantern rather than constantly keep you from it or analysing it in merely intellectual ways. Actions stilted by excessive knowledge is a kind of indolence, knowing and acting with knowledge, experience, understanding, the insight gained through contemplation, intuition, deduction, discernment, perception and seeing patterns in a scenario, and common sense is what will give you enormous power over others and even ones own body and mind. A primary and effective way of gaining wisdom is gained through the application of knowledge which leads to experience, experience is what leads to wisdom (knowing and acting with experience). Without experience we are left without the primary and effective way to discern whether the knowledge we've accumulated is of any benefit or if it suits us, experience will tell us whether some pieces of knowledge is either going to help or hinder us in our lives or in our daily discipline.

Competence/Capable - Competencies embody certain virtues like the ability to pick the goals that are right, sure ethics or a "can do" attitude certainly helps one overcoming ones own doubts, but its most importantly right goals and not sacrificing too much resources in carrying it out. Most importantly of all it stems from the Ancient Greek Aristotelian virtue of knowledge as being a combination of three types of knowledge; 1. episteme – scientific knowledge or verifiable knowledge (theoretical or empirical), 2. techne – practical knowledge or tacit knowledge (skills) and 3. phronesis – practical wisdom or good judgement. Scientific knowledge is traditional and formal education. Practical knowledge is reflection and dialogue on experiences, practical experience and situated learning, and cases and theory. Practical wisdom is reflection and dialogue on experiences and cases from ethical perspective, practical experience and situated learning, and is about developing ones decision-making ability and special responsibility for building a viable society. What's able to be correct moral functioning and whether it is able to fit the context of the situation at hand is then central to phronesis. The following is the moral basis: "balance of self-interests and other interests, pursuit of truth (as opposed to dishonesty), and orientation toward shared humanity". What's a moral basis is then a set of aspirational goals. And secondly it means excellence in social cognitive processing: "context adaptability (e.g. practical or pragmatic reasoning, optimization of behavior towards achieving certain outcomes), perspectivism (e.g. considering diverse perspectives, foresight and long-term thinking), dialectical and reflective thinking (e.g. balancing and integrating points of view, entertaining opposites) and epistemic modesty (e.g. unbiased/accurate thinking, looking through illusions, understanding your own limitations)." Competence is one of the things that employers look for because they want their company to stay profitable, or politicians look for skilled speakers and policy wonks because that serves their constituents that is the shareholders. Representing them on major issues and interests.

Ambitious - It is striving for some kind of achievement or distinction, first, it requires us to have the desire for achievement, and, second, its the willingness to work towards achievement or distinction even in the face of adversity or failure.

Trustworthy - This means being worthy of ones title, so that you give out what is necessary for those to follow you. Enticements, rewards and status is what the people clamor for, they want gradual rewards to be given out just as high status people want a status as close to their worthiness of power as possible, he or she whom grants themselves the worthiness of love, admiration, respect and stability may likely get it.

Open-minded - This may include receptivity, receiving or the feminine virtue of a higher nobler class. That basically means that you do not shut yourself off from many avenues of realization, experience, fulfillment, wisdom and knowledge, all this and more is the basic belief that we what know is only scratching the surface, there is always more to learn and thus should we hold to ourselves Seneca's growth mindset, every situation is like a test of our virtue and our virtue for a want or eagerness for of advanced learning.

Will - Do as your will requires of you: One of the greatest skills of people with high honor and integrity is learning to follow their will and when that will touches passion gain exorbitant strength. Your will is what you wish to achieve and what you wish to become. Let that purpose deep inside you grant you that necessity which greatly enhances your passion to do what you want accomplish with speed and strength, purpose being that driving force of a past which justifies the present struggle or cause, that what will help propel what we wish to achieve in the future for long-term benefit or cause, and the thing that determines your skill and motivation in the present to accomplish things or continue the cause. Which drive you and with that increased drive will allow you to put even greater effort and purpose into what you do, which grants you ever greater strength.

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