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Check out some infos about the villains in the upcoming Courage 2.

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Yeah to be honest, I died like 5 times now in the game.

Creepers (Project #1200)

They are the servants of Spectator, ready to chase you down to kill you with one hit. These guys are pretty slow compared to others but still fast enough to catch you.

Stalkers (Project #1201)

These silent things comes out of nowhere and chase the hell out of you. There are no signs of them appearing either behind or in front you, you just have to look around you and be aware of their presence or you're dead. One hit from these things will instantly kills you. Their only weakness is to turn off your flashlight to slow them down.

Silent Creepers (Project #1202)

Just like the stalkers but way more deadly for these things doesn't care whether you turn off your flashlight or not, they will chase you and also, one hit and you're dead. They will appear out of nowhere without making any sounds but will soon disappear after a few seconds.

Mementos (Project #1203)

These things are harmless for they can't kill you, if you're brave. Also like the stalker and the silent creeper, you have zero percent of chance to detect when they will be coming. They will jump right in front of you at any given time causing you to be dizzy for a seconds, slowing you down.

Spectator (Project: Unknown)

The head and mastermind of all villains in Courage 2.

This it guys! I'll add more if needed but I think this is enough for now. Check all this guys out on February 7 at Courage 2: Alone and Lost. Thanks guys for supporting the Courage franchise and I'll do my best, to give you one of the best games you'll ever play. God bless and stay tuned! And always have the Courage.

~DK Reigns (Head Developer)

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