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The Victors is a medieval retelling of the 2016 US Elections. This week, we bring you pictures of new 3D assets.

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Architectural Props:

For any medieval RPG you need the basics: walls, wooden frames, doors, candles and flags. Below, you can find some of our work in progress models of these various elements.

In developing these assets, we focused on a semi-realistic style. It was important to match all the dimensions and to create modular pieces that could easily be fit together to build new rooms.

Here are some of the wooden frames:

scribe Props Ceilings

A few modular wall examples:

scribe Props Walls

Various interior props to be used in a variety of scenes in the early game:

scribe Props

The Wagon:

The start of the game involves the player (protagonist) arriving to the major city via a wagon. We've been busy at work constructing that wagon (see below), which shall hold the player and his scribe mentor on their trip to the city. The wagon shall be drawn by horses, which are yet to be made.

cart WIP 01

The Eagle:

Following on from the concept art of the throne room from last week, we bring you an eagle statue. Eagle statues will feature prominently throughout the throne room, and likely act as a stand-in for the symbol/sigil of the king.

Below you can see how the eagle model developed over time:



Thanks for reading!

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