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There was nothing but then Eru created the Valar which started as the Ainur.

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The Valar the mightiest of races will be the new fraction of the kings of arda and beyond.Heres our conceppts.

Manwe=You main hero heres his skillset.
King of Arda=All nearby allied troops get a leadership bonus
Lord of Eagles=Manwe summons three eagles
Send the troops=Manwe summons two battalions of his soldiers.
Ealendril is right=Manwe summons 10 battalions of maiar troops.

other heroes have not been thought of.

Heres are troops=

Manwes guard
Guardians of The Earth
Soldiers of Ulmo
Maiar veterans

Heres a start on The Soldiers of Ulmo
Soldiers of Ulmo

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