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All of the Urgal Warriors are now designed and coded Ingame.

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The Urgals Units are now finished and coded. All of the models are modified from ROTWK. All the Units have an equivalent banner with the horn symbol on them.

Urgal Warrior Models
Urgal Warrior, Urgal Archer and Urgal Rider

Urgal Warrior Models
Urgal Mounted Archer, Kull Sworsman and Kull Spearman

Urgal Warrior Models
Healer Shaman, War Shaman and Kull Hunter (New Mini Hero)

The healer shaman acts like a well. The war shaman boost units and as an earthshaker power. The Kull Hunter can toggle between sword and bow and can gather ressources by killing ennemies when he reaches level 5. He is accompanied by two dogs who protects him(they act like the units from the lairs).


Nice to see someone doing something different with BfME! Some nice skins you have there. Keep it up!

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