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Save humanity | Destroy humanity. It's your choice.

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Help the rise of #adliberum, humanities last chance for redemption and to rebuild a utopian state once more.. free from the tyrannical reign of C.E.R.A.

Please bear in mind what you are about to experience is "very early access" - but stick with it, it's growing more and more immense by the day!

Be part of something big. Be part of #AdLiberum. Access the live web version (most-up-to-date)

Or Access the Ad Liberum data files



LMB = move units (+shift = run)
RMB = forced shot

ENTER = cycle units
E (over objects) = take

1 - 9 (equip inventory item - weapons only currently)
Num 1-9 = (set building floor level 1-9)

Num 7 = (rotate left)
Num 9 = (rotate right)
Num - / + = Zoom in / Zoom Out

- / + = set timescale

B = Place Bomb
M = Place Mine
G = Throw Grenade

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