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We have updated the game, yes, updated the game. It has all sorts of new features that we are excited to showcase in this overhauled version of the game.

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No, your enlightened eyes do not decieve you. We have finally pushed out an update. It's been a long few months of developement but I believe that we have a product that might actually be worth playing. The game is far from complete and we still plan on adding a whole lot more content but I believe that this is the update that has pushed this from being an excuse into being a game. Either way, we hope you enjoy and leave any feedback necessary. Here are some screens:

Changelog:-Actual Progression-More backgrounds that tell more of a journey-Some slightly better art, mostly just placeholder until we can find a proper artist-New Music-New gameplay where you press the spacebar rather than murdering your hands with the old system.-Multitude of bug and graphical fixes.

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