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I figured I would try to get some feedback on the stuff I'm working on right now...there are ten new images for you to peruse and provide your feedback on.

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There are ten new images I have put up, I'm hoping you guys can give me some feedback.

I have started several new maps recently, and it's refreshing to change from one to the other every now and then, rather than get burned out on working a single map. Of note, I have created a brand-new wasteland map, which will feature the player descending a mountain and encountering Combine forces. Also of note, I have started making a house that will eventually be the feature of a different wasteland map, and will thus be much more nasty and rotten and burned and blasted than it looks in that screenshot. Finally, I'm using this update to reveal the fact the I'm gonna include at least TWO vaults in the game. Check out the WIP Vault door and the entrance chamber.

Pretty freaking ugly, wouldn't you say? Don't will eventually look a lot better. Did you know that Vault doors had nine gear notches on them??? Well I didn't, and now I have to re-do the Vault door LOL. I haven't settled on numbers yet for the vaults...I looked up "Vault 99" and guess what? It's open!! So I think one Vault will become Vault 99. Now for the other number...?

Anybody who is reading this, I welcome your suggestions and ideas for making these maps look really good. I'm going to be applying my own detailed touches in due time. I have about three weeks before the big official mid-month update in I can probably make these images shine with your suggestions and my mapping.

Thanks for your interest. Please tell your friends who like Fallout 3 and Half-Life 2 to check this mod out :)

- 27 July 2009

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