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This mod will be 2D side scrolling Game. And the title will be ... 'Kurgan's Adventure'.

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Long time no see here

I had not been sure what type of game I should make. I wanted to make something new in Unreal Gold. At first I come up with third-person-view-type-game. However it requires a lot of coding to accomplish gorgeous camera work。 Plus, three dimensional level design needs a lot of work for me. So, I finally thought that making 2D game with Unreal Gold is good idea.

This mod will be megaman-like side view shooting Game. I modified PlayerPawn script to do so and basic movement has been complete (see the video below)

And the title will be ... 'Kurgan's Adventure' (Kurgan is the default skin of Male1) I'd change the title of this mod after posting this article.

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