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I've been having a whole lot of problems recently with the tubes.

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The series of tubes that connects my computer to the rest of you has been acting up recently. Verizon's only advice seems to be "Is your router plugged in?" followed by "Can you try restarting your router, computer, and everything else in the house?" followed by "We'll call someone to come to your house and take a look. Oh, and we'll make you pay for that visit." Meanwhile, the thicker tubes that carry THE ENERGY to my house and room need to be replaced. They haven't been looked at in over 60 years, so it might be time to call someone. Oh, and I can't have my computer and air conditioner at the same time because that blows a fuse. I hate my house.

The tubes you probably care about are the ones in this mod, so it's probably more productive to talk about them. So far they've come in three different sizes, and you've seen all but the largest. I won't have a screenshot of that tube for a while mainly because it's still pretty low in the development process. It's full of toxic waste and garbage and pours out into a small toxic pool. It just wouldn't be Aperture without pools of sludge, contact with which will result in your unsatisfactory completion of the test. Anyway, this whole long paragraph is just a rather roundabout way to say that I need help with the modeling. More specifically, I need help making that "water"fall. I've been able to make all of the models so far myself, but this one is severely less mechanical than the others. I've done almost all of the work on this thing myself, but sometimes it's best to admit your own faults and turn to someone who is sufficiently better than you in that field. If you think you can help out, then let me know, and I will be very grateful.

Anyway, be sure to check out the website for a little peek into the Aperture East facility, and as always have fun.

UPDATE: HOORAY! Valve decided to break the SDK again!
UPDATE: SDK fixed.


OK WTF! i sent you the files in a response email and you have yet to respond to it! ive been waiting and waiting! i just wanna know if im in the run for beta testing!

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