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Butterflies don't really understand the concept of fishing anyhow.

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A few years ago, I used to surf quite a bit. I'd wake up super early in the morning, drive about two and half hours, crawl into my wetsuit and hop out onto the water for the sunrise. When i was out there, the early morning wildlife was waking up. Pelicans were flying by, fish were nibbling at my feet, and glancing back to shore, you could see the seagulls scavenging whatever was left on the beach from the night before. But what i also noticed were butterflies. Right where the green waves were starting to form, butterflies would flutter by without a care in the world, not realizing how dangerous their position and timing was. This was feeding time. So they were either oblivious to the natural world around them, had a psychotic death wish, or were confident the fish weren't interested. Those early morning moments inspired the mechanic demonstrated in this video. However in this game, flying the length of a river and dodging fish will be a rite of passage to earn the dragon wings in the story of the dragonfly.

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