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This mod requires the help from any of you modders in the comunity

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This mod requires the help from any of you modders in the comunity.

This mod will not be complete without your help, and for those of you who are interested, here is an overveiw of how the map is intended to work. Those of you who are interest please leave a comment, and if any others see something may or may not be possible, please feel free to leave a comment on the matter.

- Anyway, the map is intended to focus on the fallen titan, quite similar to the end of Winter Assault where you must fight for control of the Titans Cannons, which are vital to winning the game.
- To gain control of the Titans Cannons, you must capture the critical location at the centre of the map,
- Firing the cannons will cost a fair amount of power, so a slag deposit is placed by each cannon, to help with generating power for the cannons,
- The cannons will have a fair range and will deal huge amounts of damage, but their range will only be sufficient enough to hold a defense, not an offense
- With 3 other players also fighting for the control of the centre, you must then use the Titans Cannos to your advantage as much as possible to avoid being over-run.

This map and others after it will offer players more strategy than before, do they run in fighting for the Titan? or do they wait until their foes are weak and run in to claim the prize?

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