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The Third Valdemar's patch for Age of Tanks mod (RON-TaP) is out!

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What is new in Version 2.4 (third Valdemar's Patch):

- corrected the "PzKpfw V Ausf A Panther" continuos firing.
- corrected the american and russian flamethrower model.
- corrected from "stockade" building to "bunker" building (instead of office) age jump.
- corrected the "Fallschirmjager" missing sounds.
- added the "M24 Chaffee" as upgrade of "M3A1 Stuart" (USA-Poland-Greece).
- added the "SWAT Officer" as upgrade of "Police" and "Gestapo" officer (Information Age).
- Now you don't need to research the M3A1 Stuart.
- balanced job times for aircrafts.
- Gave to Finland, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Australia and New Zealand western citizens and scholars.

new Skins from Valdemar's collection for:
- Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (China-Brazil) + desert camo.
- BA-64 Bobik (URSS) + desert camo.
- Il-2 M3 Shturmovik (URSS-Poland) + snowy camo.
- M17 Anti-Aircraft Battery (URSS) + snowy camo.
- Mil Mi-24 Helicopter (URSS).
- SU-76 M Suchka (URSS-China-Manchukuo) + snowy camo. NEW model (made merging crew)!
- SU-100 (URSS-China) + snowy camo.
- T34-76 (URSS-China) + snowy camo.
- T34-85 (URSS) + snowy camo.
- Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB (Greece-India-South Africa).
- Sd Kfz 222 (GER) + desert, mimetic and snowy camo.
- Bf 109D Dora (GER-Hungary).
- Bf 109E Emil (Hungary).
- SdKfz 165 Hummel (GER) + desert, mimetic and snowy camo.
- PzKpfw IV Ausf G (GER) + desert and mimetic camo.
- SdKfz 234 Puma (GER) + desert and mimetic camo.
- StuG III Ausf B (GER).
- PzKpfw VI Ausf B Tiger II(GER) + desert and snowy camo.
- Macchi MC202 (ITA) + desert camo.
- Aichi D3A1 Val (JAP).
- Yakovlev Yak-9D (URSS-Poland) + desert and snowy camo (Packed=two kinds of skins).
- Mk IV Churchill III (UK) + desert and snowy camo.
- M2A1 105 mm Howitzer truck (USA).
- M13 Anti-Aircraft Battery (USA).
- M4A3 Sherman (USA).
- M8 Greyhound (USA) + desert and snowy camo.
- M8 Greyhound (M20 version-Brazil) + desert and snowy camo.
- de Havilland Mosquito (Australia) + desert camo.
- M4(105) Assault Gun (USA) + desert and snowy camo.
- Spitfire Mark V (UK-Canada).
- M24 Chaffee (USA-Poland).

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