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At this point in time, development has been resumed.

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Ok, so my little break has given me time to learn a few new tricks with hammertool and modeling (still working on that), so I decided to resume the development of TTH.
BUT, its not going to be my top priority, I have other projects that need to be finished before this.
And I don't know how many times I have to say this, but I'll keep on saying it; its going to be finished. Even if it takes me over a decade its going to be released, and for free.
If you want to contribute; concept art is mostly what I need at this point.
My idea for the models was that they would change shape depending on its attack or health, but thats next to impossible when you don't have experience in programing.
Again, if you want to help? Concept art go go go.
And if you feel you have other insights that you want to contribute with, go ahead, PM is the thing (pun).

Thank you for your patience.

nuFF3 out.

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