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Hey guys Im still in need of 8 people to join my team! Check down below for more details!

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Okay guys almost half of the team is formed here is who we have so far!

SergeantSkittles: Main Sales Representative And Developer

SubtleModeling: Head of 3D Design

QueenT: Head Of Concept Art Design (All Concept Artists report to her and she reports to SubtleModleing)

GeneralGob: Human Resources

KyBranch: Concept Art designer

KineticModding : Public Relations

Jescmo: Lead Music/Audio

I am still looking for the following positions to be filled: 1 Music/Audio to work with Jescmo, 2 3D Character/Level Designers to work with SubtleModeling, 3 Programmers, 2 Q/A testers, And 1 Marketing. Please consider joining our group! We will need your help! One more thing who ever messages me first about the programmer position will be Lead Programmer. Other wise the first person I recruit will be lead programmer. Thanks for meeting the team! Also I started a Patreon called the The ModPod If you would donate that would mean a lot to us! It would also help me pay these awesome employees! Check it out here The ModPod! Thanks guys!

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