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Things have been a little quiet lately, but there is no cause for concern. Read on to find out what's been going on at SnC Games.

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So there haven't been many updates to the Core's moddb page over the last month, but there are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, our former SVN host decided that the space they offered to non-paying users should be significantly reduced with little to no warning. As such we began to receive email notifications stating that the amount of files in our repository needed to be reduced or it would be shut down. Needless to say, we acted as quickly as we could and closed our account. The following couple of weeks were spent seeking out an alternative way for the team to download and commit updates to the mod on the fly and I'm happy to say we found a service that was not only reasonably priced but WAY more efficient too.

Secondly, Archie is now in full time employment but this has done nothing to slow his progress with his current chapter, nor has it affected the quality of the work he is putting out so we are now officially steaming ahead to get The Core finished.
Thirdly, Summer is upon us and it's often far too nice out to be working on a mod in the dark all day.

We are still not able to give an exact date but the end is certainly in sight and we will let you all know as and when the mod will be available.

In the meantime, here are a couple of new images to tide you over.

Summer Update (WIP) Summer Update (WIP)

Also, we at SnC Games work hard and play hard (and talk utter crap while doing so) and you can check out our various gameplay / commentary videos on our YouTube channel here.
All the best, Urby


Glad to hear the mod's coming close to completion. Looking forward to it.
Oh, and out of curiosity, what SVN host do you guys use now?

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Yes I'm interested to know this as well.

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monster_urby Author

We are now using

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