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This is to let people know a first understanding of what this mod is at the moment.

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I am currently taking an interest in making a GTA IV Terminator mod. Many may know I tried to make a GTA SA Terminator mod, but I realized San Andreas is not the game for Terminator, GTA IV is. GTA Terminator: The Future Begins GTA IV Version, is about a man named General Andrew Turner, who is sent on an mission in 2023 to find and save survivors from New York City and also capture the city. New York City is where he was born, and lived most of his life which is why he was sent from Virginia. It will also be about the first attempt Skynet did to travel back in time and kill a resistance leader, which is not John Connor this time, but rather a friend of Turners, named Commander Frank Peterson, Turners superior officer, who's leading the invasion and rescue mission of New York City. I want it to look like it's part of the Terminator Series story and let it serve as a guide to help gap the situation people have seen recently argued with that states 2011 was Judgement Day and not 2004, so I want to have our story effect the future by bridging the chronological gap between T3 and T4. So something will happen that will effect the Time Stream and cause the change from the T3 timeline to the T4 timeline. Finally, the famous T-800, who a lot of people recognize as Arnold is being planned to be a main character. Since the T3 timeline caused the whole T-800 in 2018 thing. The T-800 is to be called "Ben", a reprogrammed Terminator. Also we plan on having the T-900 appear, and show it as the first infiltrator with Liquid Metal. The T-900 is to be in a way a bad guy as well as main character. It'll be like the T-X, as it is a endoskeleton, but with liquid metal skin, which the liquid metal will be a early design, making it not as powerful as the T-1000.

The mod should put a new view in the mind of Terminator, but being it's still Terminator, we'll have many facts from the films coming to light. An example is Turner is a friend of John Connor, and knows his secret. But, as well we also wanna not make this another story with Connor.

We may even show new weapons to the game, like an early plasma rifle type.

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